Gardening has always been one of the most under looked physical activities, though it is one of the healthiest and relaxing outdoor activities one can partake in. Apart from the fresh garden produce, you may reap, it is a moderate exercise in the presence of plenty of fresh air.

But for gardening to be more fun, easier and to relax you need to have the right set of tools at hand. Before you delve into the endeavor of gardening, it is best to consult the services of professionals for proper planning. There are various gardening tools available and choosing the must have ones can be a tad difficult, but worry no more as we will narrow down to the must haves.

Important Gardening Tools

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This is one of the must-have tools for gardening. It is a pointed miniature like a shovel. A garden trowel can be used to perform several tasks in a garden for example; preparing holes for new plants and digging out weeds. When purchasing a trowel ensure that it is strong with a comfortable handle since you will use force when digging or making holes with it.


Shears look like a large pair of scissors and do come in handy for pruning overgrown plant parts. They are used for trimming hedges or shrubs. They come in various sizes, but beginners are advised to purchase different pairs; a smaller pair for cutting small stalks and light weight pruning, larger pairs are used for bigger branches.

Hand Rake

A hand rake is a garden with more like medium-sized spikes. This tool has multiple uses in a garden. It is mainly used for preparing the soil before planting. It can also be used for leveling soil or mulch before planting in a nursery, loosening the soil to make it more porous or collecting other garden wastes.
Hand rakes made from aluminum or stainless-steel are always a good choice since they resist rust thus can last longer.


Shovels are different from spades, in that a spade has a wide and flatter blade efficient for lifting heavy materials, e.g., gravel while shovels are more angled with a sharper and pointed blade. There are several types of shovels namely; rounded-blade digging shovel and a D-shaped handle shovel. Shovels are good for breaking and digging up soil. They can also be used for planting something relatively larger than your fist.

Pair of Garden Gloves

lskdvnlksanvklsalnslakdvlkasdnvlksandlvknlsakdvkasdlvasdvDespite gardening being a fun activity, the tools we use sure can take a toll on our hands if we use them with our bare hands. A pair of good gloves can be a worthy investment, to protect our hands from scars, blisters, etc. when working in our gardens.