When traveling using a plane, there is always the temptation of carrying food with you. This is common amongst long distance travelers. People make many mistakes when carrying food on a plane. It is out of this that we will discuss the correct etiquette of bringing food on a plane.

Five greatest considerations before bringing food on a plane

The refrigeration factoru6tdygrhtf

One of the most important things that you need to consider before bringing food on a plane is the refrigeration factor. You need to remember that planes lack refrigerators to store your personal food. The available refrigeration space is purely for food and drinks available for passengers’ snacks and refreshments. This means that you cannot get space for your carried food. Therefore, you should not carry perishable food items that require refrigeration. You might end up wasting your food if you fail to consume it all.

The preparation factor

The space available on planes is seemingly getting tighter and tighter. This means that you cannot get enough space for preparing your food. If you have food that needs additional preparation or assembly before eating, you should know how hard it is going to be to prepare on a plane. As a tip, carry assembled food that is easy to consume.

The smell factor

You also have to consider the kind of smell that the food produces when eating. This is because you have people on the plane near you who might not be comfortable with the smell of the food you are eating. Therefore, it is of great importance to carry food that does not have a strong smell.

The noise factor

jtjdrgfstrgfhdhgYou should not carry food that keeps your neighbor awake every time you unpack it. One important thing to consider is the kind of packaging for your food. It should be easy to unpack so that it does not produce noise when being unpacked. Secondly, you also have to consider the type of food you carry. The food should not produce a lot of noise when you are biting.

The mess factor

Again, you must consider the type of food you carry on a plane in relation to the mess factor. The food that you are bringing on board should be easy to dispose of when done eating. You can spare the finger-licking foods for later when you are out of the plane and stick to light foods that will be less messy.